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Vandana Patel, Surat, India
I read about THETA HEALING on the net and got attracted to do it . As I live in Gujarat I had to come and stay in Delhi, Mr. sumant Kaul offered to pay for my stay, I am indeed thankful to him for that and for the scholarship I received from him for the courses. I learnt the meaning of unconditional love and my relations with my husband became more loving. My cervical pain disappeared and my husband had a gain of 10 crore in his business. Today I am completely merged with the Creator and I see Creator ...
Vandana Channa, New Delhi, India
I joined THETA HEALING to attain balance in my life and connect with my power within. Immediately I got that and much more. My relationships with my family members became better, I became more abundant, I became stronger and my anger vanished and spiritually I was more connected. I have done all the courses offered by THETA HEALING and the Teacher’s courses taught by Vianna Ma,am in delhi. All the courses have made more and more positive and helped me change my life. I believe it is the fastest meditation technique to connect with God and to bring profound changes ...
Shamma Khare, New Delhi, India
ThetaHealing has transformed many lives which again got proved with me during the Basic DNA2 course itself. I am a 65 year old woman suffering from joint pains, vericose veins, and arthritis since past many years. I had great difficult in walking stretches, so much so that I hardly climbed the stairs of the upper floors of my house. The healing that came about in the sessions had a miraculous effect on my leg bones. During the course itsel, I was able to move between the floors, climbing stairs up nd down, sometimes totaling to 150-200 steps a day. I tested ...
Monica Nagpal, New Delhi, India
I thank Mr Kaul for teaching me this wonderful technique. I have done many courses from IIHI and I am grateful to the world's best teacher for teaching – HONOR, GRATITUDE & FORGIVENESS. My life has truly transformed. His unique way of teaching has helped me grow into a better person and a healer. After ThetaHealing, the way I do healing has gone for a complete turnaround. Now, the wait for the results to appear is passe' It is all instant. Recently I witnessed a healing on a dear friend and a client for her eyes. She was wearing glasses ...
Mio Shinohara, Japan
I started learning THETA HEALING in 2007, in Japan. During the first BASIC DNA2 class itself, I began to see changes in all areas of my life- emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually……in my relationships and my career. My parents support me in everything I do now. I was “CALLED “ to re-learn THETA HEALING from MASTER SUMANT KANT KAUL in new delhi, India and believe me when I say it was indeed a gratifying experience to learn from him .
Amar Daswani, Philippines
My mother, sister, brother had done THETA HEALING and that prompted me to do the course as well. The first miracle I saw during the course was the support I got from my home . also, I learnt to let go of certain emotions which I wasn’t willing to let go of earlier. THETA HEALING is a practical practice which is a way of living a very high energy life . it gives evidence to things beyond the physical senses and helps to integrate them in your day –to-day living. I have learnt to have understanding and so much appreciation ...
Ankit Malhotra, Lucknow, India
I came to know about ThetaHealing while surfing the internet as I was really fed up with medicines and my parents kept on advising me to take a meditation course. I tried many meditations but my thoughts were so cluttered that I couldnt bring clarity in results. I followed my intuition and came to Delhi from Lucknow to attend Free Healing sessions given by the INDIA INTERNATIONAL HEALING INSTITUTE, a wonderful trust founded and headed by Mr Sumant Kant Kaul ji and on the very first day's healing session I was in a thoughtless state. One which sages take years ...
Maria Telidou, Greece
I started learning THETA HEALING in May 2010 with Mr Sumant Kant Kaul. I have done BASIC, ADVANCED , MANIFESTATION & ABUNDANCE ,INTUITIVE ANATOMY, WORLD RELATIONS , DNA3 with him and thanks to the scholarships offered by him , as I wasn’t working at the time and I did not have an income . Even when I did the teacher’s trainings in BASIC, ADVANCED , MANIFESTATION & ABUNDANCE in November 2010 in India with Vianna Ma’am , I got scholarships from Mr Kaul which enabled me to start teaching and earning my own living.I started seeing changes in my life ...
Pooja Bubbna, New Delhi, India
I have experienced a miracle everyday since 28oct, 2008 , when I received my first THETA session from Mr Sumant Kaul. A heart disease which was on its way to being manifested, vanished as I did the course. My father recovered at an un-imaginable accelerated mode from mouth cancer which was diagnosed in the last stages. My friend healed from stomach cancer faster than the doctor could imagine. THETA HEALING has given me a new lease on life. It has given me the purpose of my life, I was seeking for a long time. It has brought me emotional balance ...
Seema Nair, U,K. & India
I believe that if we have taken birth as a human being on this earth, it is our duty to work in the most pure and earnest way to become a better individual on all frots and to realize our ultimate truth. THETA HEALING is a journey in that direction and I am thankful to Mr Sumant Kant Kaul and all my wonderful teachers who have shown me the way. I honor their knowledge and bless them for showing me that I can do it for my ‘highest and best , from the Creator’s perspective’. From the first day onwards ...