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Workshops & Training Camps

Attend Meditations and Practice Sessions every Friday & Saturday.
Workshops By Trained Facilitators
Healing sessions for Public


Apply for a Sumant Kaul Training Institute of Thought for Human Excellence and Sumant & Sumeet Kaul Wellness University Franchise Today.

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Consult for Sessions in Person/ Telephonic or Skype with
Grand Master Sumant Kaul & Grand Master Sumeet Kaul or his team of expert healers

Avnish Mathur, Scientist, India.
To top it all, we have learnt these courses from two of the Greatest teachers on Earth who have great Love and Passion to uplifting the Lives and Souls of the Students. I have not seen a greater Love and Passion in teaching and keeping upliftment of students in mind in any other Teacher in my 62+yrs of Lift.
SummarPathare, Skincare Specialist, California
"Mr. Sumant & Mr. Sumeet, my mentors, have totally changed my life around with their kindness, knowledge and patience Karma healing is a beautiful way of resolving issues in this life .I have a job I love, a brand new car of my choice and a wonderful work place with a great manager who has been very supportive. I still remember Mr.Kaul's words- "Plan, practice and persevere".
Natalya, Real Estate consultant, Dubai
''i am really grateful that you brought to me Law of Karma & Law of Attraction,i got a job in Real state.''
- Pooja Bubbna, NLP Practitioner, PLR specialist, New Delhi India.
NLP has changes my yet again! It can make a Genius out of an Ordinary Person!! I feel unlimited and free in my thoughts, where earlier I was tied down by my own perceptions. It has taken me to the Next level of being the Better (actually best) Person, easily and honestly.
Vandana Gandhi, Owner, British Orchard Nursery, UAE
”I joined Mr. Sumant & Sumeet Kaul seminars in 2012, I feel privileged to receive their mentor ship guidance regularly. I am now successfully opening chains of schools all over UAE & received Women’s Achievement Awards & Leadership Award, UAE in 2013 & 14; my honor & gratitude Mr. Kaul & His family.”
Lakshmi Udhay, Dubai
“In 2012, Mr Kaul’s asked to write a figure I would like to have by next year. I wrote Dhs.60000/- [Rs 1000000] . Now today not even the 12 months finished but I have that wealth with me.”
Ginni Banga, M.D. Iconic Properties, Dubai
“I attended Sumant ji & Sumeet ji, classes in 2013,By applying one of the techniques , me and my family are able to travel together to Singapore to celebrate NEW YEAR !!!Not only this but now every month we are able to buy either Gold or Diamonds and we don’t have to think twice for Jewelry Shopping.’’
Udhay Kumar, Project Manager, Civil Engr., Dubai.
''My Karma changed and is changing for more betterment being with masterssumant ji &sumeet ji. I am having better relationship with my family, parents.I have learned to have investor mind-set with prosperity consciousness & have made achievement of 10% profit in the invested stocks through my teachers guidance. My love & gratitude to Mr. Kaul & his family.''
Ravdeep kaur, Homeopath, India.
’’ All kind of Anxiety, phobias, depression, can be healed by NLP – it is very systematic and calculated. In this Focus & resourcefulness is being taught. Help us understand the Behavior of an individual.’’
Ratansha Gilder, Finance Manager, Dubai
''I attended the Law of Karma class & Mr. Sumant Kant Kaul took me by the hand Thank you Sir and I will always be grateful to you for guiding me through the quagmire.